Graduate Programs


You are probably already aware that Sukkur Institute of Business Administration is ranked in top five Business Institutes of Pakistan. Sukkur IBA believes on Merit, Quality and Excellence. Sukkur IBA has never compromised quality in its standard of student intake. Sukkur IBA’s aims and objectives are to produce world class graduates who can globally compete, possess high ethical values and work for the betterment of society. The challenge has been to continue the emphasis on:

  • Quality education at an affordable cost.
  • Association with reputed national and foreign institutions and industries.
  • Raises the standard of education through a unique foundation semester
  • To produce world class graduates who posses not only knowledge but also be equipped with practical skills and research capabilities and critical thinking.

Course Name Department Major Length
M. Phil Education Education
2 Years
MBA 2 years Business Administration Marketing
2 Years
MS Computer Science Computer Science - CS
Software Engineering - SE
2 Years
Management Science Management Science 2 Years
Mathematics Applied Mathematics 2 Years
ME-Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Power
Electronics System Design
Communication & Signal Processing
Renewable Energy Systems
2 Years

Ultimately, all admissions decisions are based on academic criteria, test and interview results. To try to ensure that all applicants access up-to-date and factually correct information, we provide exhaustive information about all aspects of our admissions procedures through our extensive range of publications and our website. The Sukkur IBA offers full-time Business Programs, Information Technology Programs, Engineering Programs, Education Management Programs, Summer Programs, Foundation Course and Short Courses at Campus. It is not uncommon to find entrepreneurs, practicing, government employees, executives and professional and technocrats all attending these programs. The diversity in their work backgrounds makes interaction, inside as well as outside the class, a rich and educative experience. Specialized education programs are conducted for professionals from the corporate world. The admission policy and procedure acquaint the students with rules, policies and services provided by different departments of the Institute. It provides guidelines to students to know the different programs offered, their eligibility criteria and registration and enrollment process

Every applicant is considered individually in an holistic assessment using all the information available to us:

  • Their academic record
  • Test results, where a written test forms part of the assessment;
  • Performance at interview, if interviewed.