Department of Mathematics


The mission of Mathematics Department is to increase understanding and the ability to apply mathematics through in-depth study and endowing them with broad and diverse knowledge in the mathematical sciences, and to conduct the cutting edge research in Applied Mathematics. Faculty and advanced graduate students will coach undergrad and graduate students to create and upgrade their computational and analytical aptitudes. These aptitudes will create very qualified students who can enter beneficial professions in industry, institutions, and research in Pakistan as well as globally.

Mission Statement

  • To Carry out the theoretical and applied research in mathematics that has National and worldwide impact and recognition
  • To provide learning opportunities that are unparalleled nationally and globally
  • To produce the graduates that are in demand of National and Global level
  • Undertake educational outreach and community engagement that increase mathematical and computing literacy nationally and globally. More precisely, the department of mathematics play its role in meeting the institutional mission of Sukkur IBA by empowering students to
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and the ability to communicate complex the ideas effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand the connections within mathematics, as well as applications of mathematics to other areas
  • Build the connections with different sections of community such as industry, agriculture and local and national school and colleges
  • Explore and appreciate the fundamental beauty of nature of mathematics, its learning and teaching. Moreover, also to participate in discovering the new arenas, approaches and techniques to tackles the problems of abstract and applied nature.
  • Engage them through modern pedagogies and technology based learning of mathematics and dependent sciences.
  • Cultivate the responsible academic attitude of ethical and professional practices.

Goals & Objectives

We strive to make an impact on the discipline of Mathematics and on the broader community through the following goals:

  • To be a resource in the Mathematical sciences for other disciplines whose own activities have an ever-increasing need for the power of the Mathematics.
  • To work closely not only with colleagues from other discipline within Sukkur IBA but also with colleagues from the local schools and community colleges who share the responsibility of ensuring the flow of a mathematically literate and confident generation of new students.
  • To embrace the notion such that change such as is manifested in computer technologies and educational reforms can be beneficial enhance learning and enrich the intellectual environment.