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Engr. Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Shah


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Dr Madad Ali Shah is a motivated and dedicated academician with 19 years technical and management experience,gained in both academic and industrial positions. He achieved his BE in Computer Systems Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro with 1st Position and 2 Gold Medals in 1991. He completed Telecom Switching and OMC Trainings from Seimens-Nixdorf Training Center Germany in 1995 and MPhil Research in the areas of Mobile & Wireless Communication and Coding from University of Plymouth, UK in 1997. He obtained his PhD from Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK on his work to establish Brunel DGPS system for Blind navigation in 2002. He got industrial experience with Cadence Design System as a Data-com Engineer in Edinburgh, Scotland, Telecom Engineer with Wireless Wizards in Uxbridge and Quality Assurance and IT Manager with Tiscali International Limited in London. He gained academic experience as a Research Fellow in Brunel University Uxbridge and Lecturer in Preston International College and West London School of management and Technology, London. He joined Sukkur IBA as an Associate Professor in August 2006 and has been appointed as an HOD of Telecommunication Engineering Department in March 2010. His areas of specialization include; Satellite and Mobile communications, Digital Logic Design, E-Business Management, Mobile & Pervasive Computing, MIS, Computer Security & Networks, Wireless Tele-medicines and International Business.


Degree From Major Year
PhD Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK Satellite Communications 2007
MPhil University of Plymouth,UK. Mobile Communications
B.E MUET, Jamshoro Electronics


# Title Author(s)
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Shah , Ali Madad
8 Novel Key Storage and Management Solution for the Security of Wireless Sensor Networks Shah , Ali Madad
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9 Technical & Economical evaluation of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell for commercial purposes Akhtar , Faheem
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10 Raised Soundness and Production of Single Axis Tracker with Fixed Mount and Cost depletion with Relative Investigation of PV Technologies Ali , Haider Khawaja
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14 Probabilistic Feedforward Neural Network Based Power System Stabilizer for Excitation Control System of Synchronous Generator Ansari , Ahmed Jamshed
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15 Higher Order MIMO System Capacity Assessment using Singular Value Decomposition while considering Power constraint problem Soomro , M A.
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