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Dr. Khalid Ahmed

Associate Professor (SL)

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E-mail : khalid.ahmed@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4138


Dr. Khalid Ahmed is currently serving as an Associate Professor of Economics at the department of Business administration, Sukkur IBA University. His area of interest falls within Applied Economics with focus on sustainable development. He has also served as the Director, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) prior to his departure for Post-doctorate at the university of Cambridge and university of Gottingen, which was jointly funded by Charles Wallace Foundation U.K and Erasmus Mundus European commission in 2015. Dr. Khalid received his PhD in Economics from the Wuhan University of Technology P.R China in 2013 and has been Visiting Fellow at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), South Korea in 2014. He has been a research fellow at the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Judge Business School, University and Cambridge; and visiting fellow at the department of Economics, Monash University in 2018. In addition, Dr. Khalid has managed two thematic research grants funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as principal investigator and one as the co-principal investigator. He is also the founder of Behavioral Lab at Sukkur IBA University.


Degree From Major Year
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Wuhan University of Technology, P.R China Economics/International Business Strategy 2013
Masters of Arts (M.A) S.A.L.U Economics 2007
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) S.A.L.U Business/Economics/Accounting 2004
Commercial Banking Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) Commercial Banking 2006
Visiting Fellow Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) International Economics 2014
Research Fellow University of Cambridge Economics 2015
Post Doctorate University of Göttingen - Germany Applied Development Economics 2016


# Title Author(s)
1 "Decomposing the links between oil price shocks and macroeconomic indicators: Evidence from SAARC region" Kalhoro , Ramzan Muhammad
, Khalid Ahmeda,
, Niaz Ahmed Bhutto,
2 What new technology means for the energy demand in China? A sustainable development perspective Ahmed , Khalid
, lhan Ozturk
3 "A predictive analysis of CO2 emissions, environmental policy stringency, and economic growth in China" Ahmed , Khalid
, Sidrah Ahmed
4 The emission abatement policy paradox in Australia: evidence from energy-emission nexus Ahmed , Khalid
, Ilhan Ozturk
5 Modelling trade and climate change policy: a strategic framework for global environmental negotiators Ahmed, , Khalid
, Wei Long
, Naveed Ahmed,
, Muhammad Shahbaz,
, Ilhan Ozturk,
6 Dynamics between economic growth, labor, capital and natural resource abundance in Iran: An application of the combined cointegration approach Ahmed, , Khalid
, Muhammad Shahbaz
, Mantu Kumar Mahalik,
7 The sheer scale of China’s urban renewal and CO2 emissions: multiple structural breaks, long-run relationship, and short-run dynamics Ahmed , Khalid
8 Does Harberger–Laursen–Metzler (HLM) Exist in Pakistan? Cointegration, Causality and Forecast Error Variance Decomposition Tests Afza, , Talat
, Muhammad Shahbaz
, Khalid Ahmed,
9 Revisiting the emissions-energy-trade nexus: evidence from the newly industrializing countries Ahmed , Khalid
, ,Muhammad Shahbaz,
, Phouphet Kyophilavong
10 Revisiting the role of financial development for energy-growth-trade nexus in BRICS economies Ahmed , Khalid
11 Emission intensive growth and trade in the era of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration: An empirical investigation from ASEAN-8 Ahmed , Khalid
Bhattacharya , Mita
Shaikh , Zahid
Ramzan , Muhammad
Ozturk , Ilhan
12 CO2 emissions in Australia: economic and non-economic drivers in the long-run Shahbaz , Muhammad
Bhattacharya , Mita
Ahmed , Khalid
13 Trade openness–carbon emissions nexus: The importance of turning points of trade openness for country panels Shahbaz , Muhammad
Nasreen , Samia
Ahmed , Khalid
Hammoudeh , Shawkat
14 Decomposing the trade-environment nexus for Malaysia: what do the technique, scale, composition, and comparative advantage effect indicate? Ling , Chong Hui
Ahmed , Khalid
Rusnah Binti , Muhamad
Shahbaz , Muhammad
15 Testing the Social Cost of Rapid Economic Development in Malaysia: The Effect of Trade on Life Expectancy Ling , Chong Hui
Ahmed , Khalid
Muhamad , Rusnah
Shahbaz , Muhammad
Loganathan , Nanthakumar
16 The linkages between deforestation, energy and growth for environmental degradation in Pakistan Ahmed , Khalid
Shahbaz , Muhammad
Qasim , Ahmer
Long , Wei
17 A study of causality between disintegrated intellectual capital and firm performance Rehman , Mujeeb Ur
Ahmed , Khalid
Qazi , Ahmer Qasim
18 How urbanization affects CO2 emissions in Malaysia? The application of STIRPAT model Ahmede, , Khalid
, Muhammad Ali Jabranf
, Muhammad Shahbaza,
, Nanthakumar Loganathanb,
, Ahmed Taneem Muzaffarc,
19 Considering the effect of biomass energy consumption on economic growth: Fresh evidence from BRICS region Shahbaz a , Muhammad
, , Ghulam Rasool
, , Khalid Ahmed
, Mantu Kumar Mahalik
20 Energy consumption in China and underlying factors in a changing landscape: Empirical evidence since the reform period Ahmed, , Khalid
, MitaBhattacharya
, Ahmer Qasim Qazi ,
, Wei Long
21 What drives carbon dioxide emissions in the long-run? Evidence from selected South Asian Countries Ahmed , Khalid
, Mujeeb Ur Rehman
Ozturk , Ilhan
22 Environmental Kuznets curve for CO2 emission in Mongolia: an empirical analysis Ahmed , Khalid
23 An empirical analysis of CO¬2 emission in Pakistan using EKChypothesis Ahmed , Khalid
Long , Wei
24 Disaggregate Energy Consumption and Industrial Output in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis Qazi , Qasim Ahmer
Ahmed , Khalid
Mudassar , Muhemmad


# Title Year
1 Visiting Fellow 2014
2 Member Korean Foundation for Advance Studies (KFAS) 2013
3 International Students Association of Wuhan, P.R China 2010
4 Member Alumni Association of Wuhan University of Technology P.R China 2013
5 Member South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics 2013
6 Pakistan Society of Development Economists 2013


# Title Organization Year
1 "Global Young Economist" Lindau Nobel Laureates Council 2014
2 Jointly Supported by Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Ministry of Education (MoE) of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan Cultural Exchange Scholarship for Ph.D Studies Abraod 2009