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DR. Muhammad Waqas

Assistant Professor(SL)

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E-mail : mwaqas@iba-suk.edu.pk
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Dr. Muhammad Waqas is Ph.D. in (Energy Storage Materials and Devices) from University of Electronic Science & Technology, China. He has more than 11 years of teaching and research experience. Dr. Muhammad Waqas has been with Sukkur IBA University for the past 9 years and serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research involves the development of composite separators for high- temperature lithium-ion batteries, development of highly efficient interlayers for lithium-sulfur batteries, synthesis of advanced energy materials for lithium-sulfur and sodium-ion batteries, flexible lithium-ion batteries, and wearable electronic devices. He has more than 30 research publications in high ranked SCI journals (include: Energy Storage Materials, Small, Journal of Material Chemistry C, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Advanced Materials Interfaces, and Composite Part B: Engineering) with cumulative impact factor of 130. He has also the privilege to work with Prof. John B Goodenough (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry-2019) during his Ph.D. studies and published 3 research articles with him.


Degree From Major Year
Ph.D. (Energy Materials) University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Energy Materials 2019
M.E (ESE) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Electronics System Engineering 2013
B.E (TELECOM) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Telecommunication 2010


# Title Author(s)
1 "A highly-efficient composite separator with strong ligand interaction for hightemperature lithium ion batteries" Goodenoughe , , John B.
, Weidong Hea "
, "Muhammad Waqasa,
, Chao Tana, Weiqiang Lva,
, , Shamshad Alia,
, Bismark Boatenga,
2 Highly Efficient PVDF-HFP/Colloidal Alumina Composite Separator for High-Temperature Lithium-Ion Batteries He , Weidong
, Shamshad Ali
, Chao Tan,
, Muhammad Waqas,
, Weiqiang Lv,
, Zhaohuan Wei,
3 Ionic conductivity evolution at strained crystal interfaces in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) Waqasa, , Muhammad
, Weidong He
, Fei Yanga,
, Minda Zoua,
, Kechun Wena,
, Weiqiang Lva
4 Reduced electrochemical performances of proton exchange membrane fuel cells due to gaseous di?usion in electrolytes Waqas , Muhammad
, Weidong He
, Weirong Huo, Luhan Ye
, Weiqiang Lv,
, Yinghua Niu,
, Jipeng Fei,
5 An Efficient Route to Polymeric Electrolyte Membranes with Interparticle Chain Microstructure Toward High-Temperature Lithium-Ion Batteries Ye , Luhan
Shi , Xinyi
Zhang , Zuoxiang
Liu , Jingna
Jian , Xian
Waqas , Muhammad
6 Carbon–Tungsten Disulfide Composite Bilayer Separator for High-Performance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries He , Weidong
, Shamshad Ali
, Muhammad Waqas
, Xiaopeng Jing,
, Ning Chen
, Dongjiang Chen,
7 Ionic conductivity evolution of isotropic crystal with double strained interfaces Waqas , Muhammad
, Weidong He
, Feng, Chao,
, Jipeng Fei,
, Kechun Wen,
, Weiqiang Lv,
8 Power Flow Enhancement of 220 KV Transmission Line with Unified Power Flow Controller Waqas , Muhammad
, -ur-Rehman Najeeb
, Hussain Kashif
Talani , Akbar Rameez
,A. Ansari Jasmshed


# Title Year
1 Member of PEC 2010


# Title Organization Year
1 Ph.D. scholarship Chinese Scholarship Council of China 2019
2 Academic Achievement Award University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 2016
3 Academic Achievement Award University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 2017
4 Mehran University Merit Scholarship Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro 2006