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Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Asad

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E-mail : m.mujtaba@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4682


Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Asad is serving as an Assistant Professor and Lead Researcher of Educational Technologies and TVET Research Group at Sukkur IBA University. Dr Mujtaba has national and international working experience of more than 10 years at industrial and educational sector in the domain of Educational Technologies, Work & Product-Based Education and Technical and Vocational Education. Dr. Mujtaba has published more than Sixty (60) research articles (ISI & Scopus Indexed) in reputed international journals and conferences worldwide. Also, a book related to the observational skills of competent educators under the CS publishing house USA is in his publication credit. He has also received three Gold, one Silver and one Bronze medal in international research and development completions with seven best research awards in Malaysia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAE on his commercialized projects. Moreover, Dr. Mujtaba is also an active member of Seven (7) national and international research grants. Dr. Mujtaba is also an internationally certified educational technologist (Malaysian Board of Technologist) and holds certifications and qualification in industrial safety and health education from NIOSH and OSH Department of Ontario, Canada. He is also serving as an Editorial Board Member to twelve (12) reputed and indexed international journals. Dr. Mujtaba also holds several international Copyrights and has filed one Product Patent under the title of HAZFO Expert 1.0 for Drilling Operation. He had been awarded an honorary lifetime International Ambassadorship by University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia based on his academic achievements and community services. Dr. Mujtaba has also been awarded the title of approved PhD and MPhil/MS Supervisor by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Degree From Major Year
Advanced Specialization University of Colorado Boulder, USA Teacher's Social and Emotional Learning 2020
Ph.D Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia Educational Technologies & E-Learning (TVET) 2014- 2018
MPhil Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia Educational Technologies & E-Learning (TVET) 2012-2014
Bachelors Hamdard University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan Electronics Engineering 2011


# Title Author(s)
1 Goals of the national mathematics curriculum of Pakistan: educators’ perceptions and challenges toward achievement Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
2 Hybridized classification algorithms for data classification applications: A review F , Sherwani
BS , Ibrahim
Muhammad Mujtaba , Asad
3 Identification of Potential Risks and Controlling Factors Associated with Helicopter Operation: A Mix-Method Investigation from Oil and Gas Industries Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
4 Factors influencing the adoption of mobile banking service among cihan bank customers in the kurdistan region of iraq Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
5 Development of a novel safety and health educational management information system (HAZ-PRO) for oil and gas production operation: A proposed framework Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
6 Integration of e-learning technologies for interactive teaching and learning process: an empirical study on higher education institutes of Pakistan Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
7 Integration of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and IOTs in academia: a state-of-the-art review on the concept of Education 4.0 in Pakistan Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
8 Internet of things in construction industry revolution 4.0: Recent trends and challenges in the Malaysian context Asad , Muhammad Mujtaba
9 Design and Development of A PIC Microcontroller Based Embedded System Trainer Panel for Electrical Personnel Training Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
10 Implementation And Qualities Of Multimedia Technologies In Technical and Vocational Education Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
11 Distinctiveness And Characteristic of Competent Manager and Leader In This Advanced Epoch Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Sherwani , Fahad
Asad , Ejaz Muhammad
12 Instructional Models For Enhancing The Performance Of Students And Workforce During Educational Training Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
13 Implementation And Elucidation Of Estimation and Prediction Based Statistical Tests Discussion Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
14 The Characteristics of an Ideal Technical Teacher in This Modern Era Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
15 Preliminary Survey on MATLAB Learning among Power Electronics Students in Technical Education: A Case Study Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
Simming ,Ali Insaf
16 An Analytical Comparison between Open Loop, PID and Fuzzy Logic Based DC-DC Boost Convertor Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
17 A Pilot study on a Cross Sectional Investigation of Science and Engineering Undergraduates: Motivation towards Learning English in Pakistan Siming , Ali Insaf
Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Lashari , Ali Ajab
18 Severity of the Casing and Cementing Operation with Associated Potential Hazards in the Drilling Process in the On and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: A Cross-Sectional Investigation into Safety Management Hassan , Bin Razali
Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Soomro , Mehmood Qadier
Sherwani , F.
19 Indication of Decision Making through Accident Prevention Resources among Drilling Crew at Oil and Gas Industries: A Quantitative Survey Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Ibarahim , Hida Noor
Sherwani , F.
Soomro ,Mehmood Qadir
20 Level of Satisfaction for Occupational Safety and Health Training Activities: A Broad Spectrum Industrial Survey Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
Ibrahim ,Hida Nor
Soomro ,Mehmood Qadir
21 Development of KBES with hazard controlling factors and measures for contracting health and safety risk in oil and gas drilling process: a conceptual action plan Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
soomro , Mahmood Qadir
Sherwani , F.
22 Theoretical Framework Development for Supply Chain Risk Management for Malaysian Manufacturing Shahbaz , Saeed Muhammad
RM Rasi , Zuraidah Raja
Zulfakar , Hafiz Mohd
Ahmad ,Fauzi Bin Md
Asad ,Mujtaba Muhammad
23 Identification of effective safety risk mitigating factors for well control drilling operation: An explanatory research approach Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
Abbas , Zaheer
Shahbaz ,Saeed Muhammad
Soomro , Mehmood Qadir
24 Identification of Potential Ergonomic Risk Factors and Mitigating Measures for Malaysian Oil and Gas Drilling Industries: A Conceptual Research Proposition Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Razali
Latif , K.
Sherwani , F.
25 Design and development of a novel knowledge-based decision support system for industrial safety management at drilling process: HAZFO Expert 1.0 Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , Bin Razali
Sherwani , Fahad
Aamir , Muhammad
Soomro ,Mehmood Qadir
, Sohu Samiullah
26 Knowledge Base and Rule Base Safety Management Systems Development Strategies and Applications for Petrochemical Industries: A Brief Outline Asad , Mujtaba Muhammad
Hassan , R.
Sherwani , B.
Sherwani , F.


# Title Year
1 Development of Transformational Leadership Behaviors Framework for TVET Institutions: Situational Analysis on COVID 19 Pandemic 2020
2 Effectiveness of Electronic Assessment Tool: A Case of Sukkur IBA University, Sindh, Pakistan 2020
3 Quality Assurance of Technical and Vocational Education Programs for Matching Skills and Labor Market Needs: An Analytical Study of Sindh Region 2020
4 Digital Competencies of 21st Century STEAM Teachers at Private and Public Collages of Khairpur, Pakistan 2020
5 Teachers’ Motivation Towards the Integration of Education 4.0 At IBA Community Colleges: A Sequential Explanatory Research Study 2020
6 Development of E-Work-Based Vestibule Training Module (E-WVTM) for Accident Prevention at Oil and Gas Industries in Sindh Pakistan 2020
7 Development of IR 4.0 Framework for Science and Engineering Programs in Rural Sindh: The Concept of Education 4.0 Towards Knowledge Economy of Pakistan 2020
8 Development of A VR -Based Vestibule Training and Educational Aid for Pakistani Oil and Gas Industries: HAZFO Expert 2.0 2020
9 Development and Validation of the e-Smart Educational Counseling System for School Leaving Students 2020
10 Suicidal Trend among Japanese Youth: Identification of Risks and Related Preventive Factors 2020
11 Development and Implementation of KBES for Health and Safety Environment (HSE) 2020


# Title Year
1 Registered Engineer, Member Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC# 25928) 2015
2 Board Member, Research Synergy Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia 2019
3 Association of Human Factor and Ergonomic, Malaysia, Membership Number: 9443 2017
4 Michigan Association for Computer Learning (MACUL), Michigan, USA 2015
5 International Society for Environmental Sciences, Regina, Saskatchewan Canada 2015
6 ICST Professional Society, Begijnhoflaan 93, 9000 Gent, Belgium 2015
7 International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong Membership Number: 141208 2016
8 Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Membership Number: 92459465 2016
9 Program and Institution Assessor for National Vocational and Technical Training Commission, Pakistan 2020
10 Malaysian Board of Technologist, Number: GT18050770 2018


# Title Organization Year
1 HAZFO Expert 1.0 Database Management Application Programming Code for Oil and Gas Drilling Activities. International Copyright 2017
2 A New Architecture of Graphical User Interface for the Novel HAZFO Expert 1.0 International Copyright 2017
3 A New Architecture of Graphical User Interface for the Novel HAZFO Expert 1.0 International Copyright 2018
4 Development of Knowledge Base (KB) of a Novel HAZFO Expert 1.0. International Copyright 2018
5 A New Architecture of Knowledge Base (KB) for the Open-Source HAZFO Expert 1.0. International Copyright 2018
6 Operational Programming Code of a Novel KBDSS (HAZFO Expert 1.0) for Oil and Gas Drilling Operations. International Copyright 2018
7 Development of HAZFO Expert 1.0 for Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Operation. (LY2017001540) International Copyright: 2018
8 Outstanding Researcher Award CGS-UTHM, Malaysia 2018
9 Research Grant Award RSF, Indonasia 2020
10 Best Reviewer Award Informing Science Institute (ISI), California, USA 2017
11 Best Paper Award ISCEE - Malaysia 2018
12 Certificate of Award SIIF - Korea 2018
13 Best Presenter-Three Minutes Thesis (3MT) UTHM, Malaysia 2018
14 Bronze Medal (Innovative Product of Engineering Technology) R&I UTHM, Malaysia 2014
15 Silver Medal (Innovative Product of Engineering Technology) R&I UTHM, Malaysia 2014
16 Gold Medal (Applied Research) R&I UTHM, Malaysia 2015
17 Gold Medal (Innovative Product) R&I UTHM, Malaysia 2016
18 Gold Medal (Industrial Design) ITEX Malaysia 2017