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Dr. AL Karim Datoo

Assistant Professor / Consultant

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E-mail : a.datoo@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4675


I am a sociologist of education and a trained educational ethnographer. I have over a decade of experience in teaching and developing higher education contexts in the UK and Pakistan. I actively draw upon my extensive research experience to orient and frame my pedagogy, especially, paying special attention to cultural capital that learners bring to the classrooms and/or zoom-rooms, their interests, and aspirations which I use as ‘starters’ and ‘connectors’ to pitch my instructional and assessment for learning strategies in line with the desired learning objectives. My academic and professional practice (including international educational consultancy work) revolves around domains of policy sociology (analyzing education policy through a lens of SDG-4), educational evaluation, and curriculum development (primary, secondary and tertiary levels), and teacher education in the global south. The main areas of my research, teaching, and research supervision include globalization and curriculum nexus, curriculum analysis (through SDG-4 lens), ethnography, and teacher development (pre-service and in-service). I bring rich experience and insights gained from working across academia, public sector, third sector, and culturally diverse community contexts; which enables me to synergize collaborations and partnerships across international and national development partners (including policymakers and international donor agencies). One of the highlights of my research career so far is multi-site research (which I led as a PI) examining the impact of globalization on the formation of youth values and identities (diaspora in the West, and in countries of the global south), got disseminated in twenty-one countries across North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Far East, South East, Central Asia & Africa (between 2016-20180. This particular research attracted policy attention (at the Board of Governors level) advocating inclusive and culturally relevant education and social development policies and interventions to counter increasing alienation and marginalized of disadvantaged youth (through nexus of poverty, gender, and social class), in both contexts of the global north and global south. I have been invited as an expert on several national-level curriculum review committees (Social Studies, National Curriculum) by the Ministry of Education, Pakistan. In 2014, I was also invited as a guest panelist speaker in an international conference organized by the Ministry of Culture and Education, France.


Degree From Major Year
PhD in Sociology of Education McGill University, Canada Sociology , Anthropology 2009


# Title Organization Year
1 Best Teacher Award. Scholarship of Teaching The Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan. 2010