Case Collections

Product No: Case Title Authors
SIBACRC-0001 To do or not to do: the real state of real estate Rukhman Solangi, Waheed Ali Umrani, Iqra Solangi and Mumtaz Ali Memon
SIBACRC-0002 Modern Public School- Technical Procurement Abdul Rehman Shaikh , Asad ali Qazi
SIBACRC-0003 Bike wala- A to Z distribution Abdul Rehman Shaikh , Asad ali Qazi
SIBACRC-0004 Implementing evaluation for positive organizational changes: IBA-Public School sukkur, Pakistan Waheed ali Umrani, Rukhman Solangi, Mumtaz Ali Memon , Asmaa Hadeesa, and Soonhan Khoso
SIBACRC-0005 Centralized Supply chain: Food Lord Abdul rehman Shaikh, Asad Ali Qazi
SIBACRC-0006 Motivation and Retention of Teachers in a Family Business in Education A Case Study from South Asia Umair Ahmed ,Waheed Ali Umrani , Ajay A. Chauhan
SIBACRC-0007 Locate the warehouse: super distribution services Asad Ali Qazi, Abdul Rehman Shaikh ,Farhan Shahzad, and Muhammad Muzamil Sattar
SIBACRC-009 ICON stores: managing a new business venture Waheed Ali Umrani, Abdul Khaliq Doudpota and Umair Ahmed
SIBACRC-0010 KD Construction Company: Bidding and Cost Estimation Faisal Kareem Khuhro, Waseem Khan Dharejo
SIBACRC-0011 Al-Ain eye centre: sales force evaluation dilemma Muhammad Muzamil Sattar
SIBACRC-0012 Flori Pharma: maintaining ethics in an unethical sales environment Muhammad Muzamil Sattar, Asad Ali Qazi, Farhan Shahzad and Abdul Rehman Shaikh
SIBACRC-0013 New branch establishment – Keerthar Food Restaurant Abdul Rehman Shaikh and Asad Ali Qazi
SIBACRC-0014 Yaqoob biscuit manufacturers – missing contingency plan Abdul Rehman Shaikh and Asad Ali Qazi
SIBACRC-0015 Allied Power Solution (APS): A decision dilemma Waheed Ali Umrani, Sanober Salman Shaikh, Abdullah Zafar Shaikh, Faiz Muhammad Khuwaja & Sheeraz Mustafa Rajput
SIBACRC-0016 Developing brand identity: the Elegant Center, Hyderabad Waheed ali Umrani, Falahuddin Butt and Niaz ahmed Bhutto
SIBACRC-0017 Sukkur-IBA diversifying with its ideology of Merit-Quality and Excellence Manzoor Mirani, Umair ahmed, Hyder A. Khawaja
SIBACRC-0018 Icon`s move of women Empowerment: Redefining the female shopping experience Umair ahmed, Saeed ahmed Shaikh, and faiz Muhammad Khawaja
SIBACRC-0019 Promotion mix strategies at APS Falahuddin Butt, Waheed Ali Umrani, Faiz Muhammad Khuwaja
SIBACRC-0020 Waqar Mughal – An Entrepreneur at a crossroad Falahuddin Butt, Pervaiz Ahmed Memon, Waheed Ali Umrani, Arif Iqbal Rana
SIBACRC-0021 Taj Corporation – Journey of Transformation Waheed Ali Umrani, Syed Mohsin Ameer, Tauhed Ali Khoso
SIBACRC-0022 Sales force compensation at Service ® Sales Corporation Rashid Ahmed Qureshi, Faiz M. Khuwaja, Waheed Ali Umrani
SIBACRC-0023 Winning the lost project Pervaiz A. Memon