Established Links

S# Title Sponsor Date
1 Execution/ Invigilation & E-Marking of Students� Assessment Sindh Province Feb, 2018
2 Disaggregate transport infrastructure and industrial value addition in Pakistan Pakistan Apr-18
3 Understanding the epistemological beliefs and metacognition of science teachers and educators and the ways it influences their use of inquiry based teaching appraoch Sindh Province Apr-18
4 Third Party Evaluation of �ICT Enabled Education Management Information System (EMIS) in Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh� Sindh Province Nov-17
5 Why do the schools of deprived districts perform better in SAT scores than the schools of the developed districts in Sindh: A comparative study of elementary schools of district Tharparkar and Shikarpur Sindh Province Nov-17
6 Assessing and strategizing the basic public health facility in Tharparkar district Sindh Province Jun-17
7 Measuring the impact of interest free micro finance on social-economic empowerment of rural women Sindh Province Jun-17
8 Numerical investigation of liquid metal multi-phase flows Sindh Province May-17
9 Analyzing the impact of USAID led teacher education reforms on Extremism in Pakistan: an evaluation of newly introduced four year B. Ed (Hons) program and its impact on student teachers� epistemology Sindh Province Jun-17
10 A Rotation invariant Camera based Fingerprint verification System Sindh Province Dec-17
11 Flexible Sensors Based on nanomaterials Sindh Province Dec-17
12 Inrush Current Mitigation for Series Voltage Sag Compensator Sindh Province Jun-17
13 Ionospheric scintillation monitoring and detection over Pakistan and its mitigation Across Pakistan Aug-17
14 Dynamics of the HIV development: A Mathematical Analysis Sindh Province Mar-17
15 Youth Employment through Solar System Assembly Skill & Entrepreneurship Training at Sukkur IBA Sindh Province May-17
16 Invigilation & E-Marking of Student Assessment Booklet Eleven Districts of Sindh March, 2017
17 Carrying out Standardized Student Achievement Test for Phase-V Sindh Province Jan, 2017
18 Up-gradation and strenthening Research Lab PCB fabrication Lab at Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Sukkur under Institutional Strenthening project Sukkur, Sindh Mar-16
19 Socio-Economic discourses of Nomadism: A case of dates harvesting seasonal nomad in Sukkur division Sindh Province Aug-16
20 Impact Assessment of Community Investment Fund (CIF) under union council based poverty reduction Program (UCBPRP) in Shikarpur, Kandhkot- Kashmore and Jacobabad districts Sindh, Pakistan 6-Sep-16
21 Hand-Holding of Schools - (Enhancing Access of Rural Girls Students to Higher Education) Sindh Province May-16
22 B-Emergency Sindh, Pakistan May 9, 2012
23 Problems of Ageing Population in Pakistan Under Thematic Research Grant Program Sindh, Pakistan Dec, 2011
24 Awareness Campaign to Use Solar Tube Wells for Irrigation Sindh Province Oct-15
25 Carrying out Standardized Student Achievement Test for Phase-IV Sindh Province Dec,2015
26 Assessing the Public Environmental Awareness in Tharparker-Sindh: A Survey Study on Thar Coal Power Projects Sindh Province Jun-15
27 Up-gradation and strenthening the LAB at Physical System for Non-communicable Disease under the Project Institutional Strenthening Sukkur, Sindh Jun-15
28 "Why Brick Kilns Are The Major Source Of Brick Making In Pakistan? It�s Environmental and Social Impacts and, what limits the Adoption of Alternate Approaches�? Sindh, Pakistan Feb, 2015
29 The Birtish Council and the Institute of Business Administration for delivery of Connecting Classrooms in year 2014-15 in Sukkur, Sindh Sukkur, Sindh Apr-14
30 Carrying out Standardized Student Achievement Test for Phase-III Pakistan/ Sindh 26 Sep,2014-
31 Strenthening and Up-gradation of Fuel Management System Lab at Sukkur Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur Sukkur, Sindh Jun-14
32 Utilization of vocational training under UCBPRP Pakistan/ Sindh 25 May, 2014
33 The Intelligent tutor for blind people Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
34 Smart Solar Real Time web based monitoring and control Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
35 Smart Driving Trainer Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
36 ELTR Phase-II One Month Fellowship Sindh, Pakistan 1-Dec-14
37 National ICT R&D Outreach research Program Sindh, Pakistan April 23, 2012
38 AES Implementation on FPGA Sindh, Pakistan May 9, 2012
39 Performance Evaluation & Implementation of MIMo-OFDM using water filling algorithm for LTE Advance Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
40 Plant Identification Using android device Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
41 Cardio-Detector Mobile App Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
42 Green Campus Initiative an Intelligent Energy consumption System Sukkur, Sindh May 9, 2014
43 Strenthening and Up-gradation of Education Department Seminar Library at Sukkur IBA Sukkur, Sindh May 1, 2014
44 Impact Assessment Study of student knowledge under second shift schools for girls Pakistan/ Sindh 2-Oct-13
45 Carrying out Standardized Student Achievement Test for Phase-II Pakistan/ Sindh 26-Mar-13
46 SANDEE Research Grant Agreement � Adoption of Biogas as an Alternative Energy Source. Evidence from Rural Pakistani Punjab Pakistan/ Sindh 15-Sep-12
47 USAID EDC Research in Sindh Education Project Pakistan/ Sindh 1-Jan-13
48 Urdu Tutorial using Windows Phone 7 Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
49 Use of ICT in Education: Kinect-based Hand Pointer Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
50 Green Energy System Using Piezoelectric Sensors Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
51 Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Indoor Wireless Communication System Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
52 Smart Device for Deaf People Sindh, Pakistan February 26, 2013
53 Improving Efficiency and Accountability of North Sindh Urban Services (NSUSC) Corporation � Component B, Citizen Report Card (CRC) (Baseline Survey) Pakistan/ Sindh 11-May-12
54 Carrying out a Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) � Phase-I Pakistan/ Sindh 2-Jan-12
55 Data Entry SAP Project 3000 girls schools of Sindh 2/1/2012
56 Interfacing of solar charger & RF Charger Sindh, Pakistan May 9, 2012
57 Smart Tool Collection using ANPR Sindh, Pakistan May 9, 2012
58 SESM Project Dadu, Mirpurkhas and NaushahroFeorze Districts of Sindh, Nominations were received from RSU April, 2011-
59 A Tracer Study 2011 (Verification Study) on �Utilization of Vocational Training Programme under UCBPR� Shikarpur and Kandhkot districts 5/1/2011
60 Third Party validation of Free Text books distribution Sindh province 5/1/2011
61 �Viewership and Readership Survey� Dadu, Larkana, Sukkur, Hyderabad 12/1/2010-
62 A Tracer Study 2010 (Verification Study) on �Utilization of Vocational Training Program under UCBPR� Shikarpur and Kandhkot districts 3/1/2010
63 Sindh education Foundation Verification Survey Khairpur 2/1/2009
64 Access of SMEs, Agriculture, and Manufacturing sectors to formal sources of financing Sukkur 10/1/2008-
65 Review of Financial Rules and rules of Re-appropriation 1962 Sindh 2/1/2008
66 Impact Analysis of Faculty Development Program conducted by NAHE.� in universities of Sindh and Baluchistan. Public sector universities of Sindh and Baluchistan 10/1/2006-
67 Rice Bran Larkana, and Jacobabad districts 2/1/2004- 3/1/2004