Environmental Sustainability

Solar Energy System: For energy conservation and saving natural resources, Solar Energy System has been installed at Sukkur IBA University. The specification of this system covers the supply of photo voltaic solar system that is operated in conjunction with a D.C generating set (the association solar invertors) to provide necessary AC power supplies to Sukkur IBA University. This project will produce 900 KW of electricity through solar energy system.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is designed to implement paperless environmental practices at Sukkur IBA. The term refers to the system of integrated applications, which are used to operate the automations and processes of the organization.

HCM (Human Capital Management System): automates the operations related to HR. It provides the self service options for all the employees where employees can perform various online actions like applying for leave, fill the form of performance appraisal, view pay slips, and maintain personal information, qualification and experience.

FSCM (Financials and Supply Chain Management): automates the operations related to finance and procurement department. Apart from departmental specific operation, it also provides self-service for all the employees where users can generate online inventory and purchase requisitions.

LMS (Learning Management System): LMS (Learning Management System) is implemented for online academic activities. This system is designed to promote paperless environment. A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a learning management system facilitates instructors in creating and delivering content, monitoring student participation, and assessing student performance.

CMS (Campus Management System): Campus Management System is designed to implement paperless environmental practices at Sukkur IBA Campus. It is unique and comprehensive software. CMS at Sukkur IBA acts as a bridge of communication between students, faculty and management of the institute. It hosts the features that allow users to maintain academic history of students with complete transparency in records and provide a medium for teachers, staff and administration to work in harmony.

Green Marketing: approach is implemented for promoting sustainable environment through various promotional activities at Sukkur IBA.

Green HR: Green HR approach is implemented to promote paperless environment at Sukkur IBA. Online recruitment process has been initiated. In this connection online forms are available at the official website of Sukkur IBA for applicants and online recruitment test is also conducted for various positions.