MS Program

MS Program Mission Statement

The mission of MS Program is to equip graduates with analytical and research skills for decision making to strengthen their academic and professional career by creating a learning environment, which encourages original and relevant research.

MS Program Goals and Objectives

  • Ethical Consciousness - Students will be able
    • To apply of academic integrity in research.
    • To apply ethical reasoning in business decision making.
  • Communication Skills - Students will be able
    • To orally present research work.
    • To write research thesis or article.
  • Research Skills – Students will be able
    • To apply qualitative or quantitative tools to business and social issues.
    • To analyse major streams of literature in relevant field(s).
  • Discipline Knowledge – Students will be able
    • To demonstrate analytical skills in specific domain(s). (Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management)

Download MS Program - Curriculum Mapping