PhD Program

PhD Program Mission Statement

The mission of PhD Program is to develop scholars with the ability to create and impart business knowledge by creating a research environment, which encourages original, relevant, and rigorous research.

PhD Program Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Academic Integrity - Scholars will be able
    • To apply academic integrity in research
  • Communication Skills - Scholars will be able
    • To orally present research work.
    • To write research dissertation and articles
  • Research Skills – Scholars will be able
    • To conduct original , relevant and rigorous research
    • To apply research methods to address business and social issues
    • To understand and synthesize the literature in relevant area(s) of research
  • Discipline Knowledge – Scholars will be able
    • To demonstrate analytical skills in specific research domain(s). (Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management)

Download PhD Program - Curriculum Mapping